They Walked With Me…

They Walked With Me…

Few hands joined me in early school classes
Relation grew even stronger as time passes
We still are so connected
I must say so well bonded
Being friends for more than 25 years
Seen the laughter together, and shed the tears

As I grew to move ahead
I found some buddies with me
they moved along, all the way I can see
We studied together with the law of motion
pondered over the definition of integration
We fought together for the entrances
so beautifully, they left me with those memory fragrances

Four years of engineering gave me moments unforgettable
found people around me so amiable
I remember all bunks, labs and the parties
Always makes me fill with deep elation
Made me feel special with them

My work zone rendered special faces
leaving for me beautiful traces
I have with me a spectrum
building those memories as precious as platinum
Makes me recall all those chit-chats in the morning
along with solving issues by evening
Adding colors in my professional suite

Soon I became a part of a group so lively
felt like part of the family
being there for a short time, they made it so special for me
gradually became indispensable for me
All the movie shows, chaos and confusions
the excitement in those excursions
Gifted me with those great moments to remember forever
Wished that time to end never

They walked in all shades with me
I held their hand, whenever darkness galloped me
They all being so special to treasure
I wish all of them to be around me again in the near future