My Old Diary…

My Old Diary…

As I dusted off my old diary
thoughts started rushing into mind
of the so-called life gallery
the lost connection where else to find

Ambition, love, crush, anger, stupidity, worries, insecurities; it has seen all
mirroring part of my life’s journey
Sometimes my innocent concerns were actually very small
as I can say all the story

I inked all my emotions
Timestamped my every fact and incident
Such naive intentions
Such Deep thoughts still persistent

Reading those pages reminded
its nothing but part of me left behind
in the new chaos which I am now surrounded
this is the place where belongs my mind

Every time I ponder whether to bring it with me
to complete the missing part
whether there is really anything new to see
each time I leave before the thought start

Do I fear of something?
Then why I don’t write anything anymore
Why am I running?
Shuttering away being me

I am the same girl there
With the same heart and soul
Maybe a little busier
Maybe a little wiser

My diary reminds me of what shaped me
The confident me, the world now see
Well I am who I am and this is me
what else pretense there could be

Finally, I decided to leave it there
so to feel the same when I read it again
time traveling to the same memory lane
building some new thoughts to share