Walking down the memory lane…

Walking down the memory lane…

Walking down the memory lane
found moments so arcane
I found myself wondering
placing my brain pondering

Reminiscences becoming my asset
leaving me sometimes so tacit
My best days ever, my School days
following that my ‘will’ really says

Playing at lunch time
neither rain stopped nor sun shine
Full of unending zest
giving a damn to rest

Enjoying every bit
making each game a hit
Studying little, no late nights
often engaging in childish fights

Such were the innocent faces
leaving memory in traces
Engrossing in Maths, Physics and Chemistry
searching for the unspoken mystery

Those days were the toughest
enjoyed up to level fullest
Excitement for “integration”
struggling through question of friction

Wondering mind in carbon compound
Newtonian LAWS very tough then sound
Great days after class ten
developing myself with ken

Now, days at the college
bunking, stood above knowledge
Late night study for semester
hostel stairs being the favorite place to chatter

Celebrating birthdays midnight
once being late ,hiding from warden sight
Rooming with friends
Were the common trends

Studying at last moment
late night ,was patent
Watching movie first day ,first show
Feeling elated when juniors bestow

Excited for farewell night
tears in eyes, for separation foresight
Heart filled with deep emotion
friends, stay in touch was the hidden notion

A moment thinking of past
in life, that is moving so fast
Its said, nothing but memory remains
Infact, nothing a step to past claims

Life with friends all around
peace then, mind found
Never matter, how they are distant
what counts is, feelings should extant

Great were all memories
blended in form of nice stories
I wish I could ink done its every bit
making each moment to be a perfect fit

I wish I could go through the memory chapter
besides being inquisitive about days hence after
A great suspense in itself
have to fulfill all promises made to myself

Photo by Fredy Jacob on Unsplash