It’s a special day…

It’s a special day…

When the land meets the sea
a beautiful sunset feels free
To embrace the life next day
mysterical stories to say

redness of the sky
creating the much needed drama
The still water asking why?
What’s so special today?

Passing breeze reminding
It’s a special day
Even the dark ladden clouds
Keeping the drizzle away

Everything working in unison
Beautiful symphony in making
The space and time in perfect condition
Wonder of small joys in waiting

Everyday is created special
Its about how we perceive
We get the same day and same night
To all love we receive

Grateful should we be
For all that we have
Where could this we see
Horizon merging the sea

A silver lining in the cloud
Calmness of still water
Warmth of sun
Gentleness of breeze

It’s a special day
Slowly it tuned into a starry night
Millions of celestial bodies lined up
To welcome your next day